Which one should we choose

So Mark and I went to Babies R Us last night so I could get a pillow to try and sleep better (Which was a life saver! I hate sleeping on my side, but the pillow makes all the difference in the world). While we were there we decided to look around and see if we could decide on what pattern we wanted to register for. As many of you know we don't want to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. I was not looking to do a gender neutral nursery (I was just going wait to finish painting after the baby arrived either the exact colors of the inspiration room (pictured above) or substituting purple/lavender for the blue)... However, I found bedding that I fell in LOVE with (Also pictured above) and it just so happens to be "gender neutral". It matches my inspiration room, personality, and best of all I can paint now. Mark likes the bedding too and is totally on board with the room. We need help in picking a pattern for our playpen, stroller, car seat, etc. We've narrowed it down to the two shown above. We examined both strollers and I feel that stroller number 1 is way more user friendly (and I believe it's slightly bigger too). But I'm SO torn because I'm drawn to the pattern for number 2 a little more. Plus the pack-n-play looks a little nicer to me. There is also a significant price difference between the two. Please help us try and reach a decision by either leaving a comment or voting in our poll. (Note clicking on the pictures will make them bigger).


  1. i have the plypen and swing (thanks to you!)and the quality is really great

  2. for #2 that is...

    PS Hailey says "Find out the sex of the baby!"

    I tried to stop her but she is really opinionated!

  3. The monkeys are cute..but you know penguins rule! ^_^ (I think number 2 is better)

  4. We went gender neutral for almost everything but the bedding and went with a sister version of nunmber 2 for the pack-n-play/travel combo. I really like that style :)
    Maybe you can find a undrtone paint to go with and then decorate around and on top of it. We chose yellow and then added to it....Just an idea ;)