Baby Fusca 20 Weeks

We had an ultrasound today. We did not find out the gender, but we did learn a few things about our baby. S/he likes to move a lot and didn't stop during the entire procedure. Also our baby either has a sense of humor or takes directions very literally. The nurse needed him/her to turn around so she could look at the spine. The baby was laying on his/her back with the head on the right of the screen and the feet on the left. The nurse had me walk around for a bit to help encourage the baby to move. When we went back to try again the baby had turned around. His/her head was now on the left and the feet were on the right, but the baby was still laying on its back. I told the nurse she should have told him/her to roll over instead. I have to go back (don't know when yet) for another ultrasound so that they can hopefully see the spine. I'm hoping to get some better pictures out of it because all I have is this blurry profile pic and a pic that shows me I'm having Skeletor's baby.


  1. I love you!!! What a beautiful/handsome profile your baby has!! ;-) 6 more hours!!! LOL LOL LOL