Now that there are 125 days and counting until the baby arrives, Mark and I are trying to focus on the nursery. I figure if we do a little bit each weekend it won't be too overwhelming and we'll get done with plenty of time to spare. As I stated in one of my earlier posts I have an inspiration room, but I'm changing the colors a bit. The brown was easy because I kept that the same so I had paint names to work with and it took about 5 min. to get the paint at Lowes. We had the brown wall painted in about an hour. The green has taken me several weeks, trips to three different stores, and four samples to find the perfect color... but it was well worth it. I finally found a green that I LOVE today (well technically two greens 'cause it's a light green and a dark green) so next weekend we'll buy the paint and get started on the other three walls. Besides agonizing over the paint color the overall layout of the room is something that I've been toying with. I've made a scale version of the room and everything I want to put in it and I'm trying to come up with a floor plan that I love. I think that I'm probably going to change my mind once everything is in the room, but hopefully only once or twice.

Thanks to the holiday weekend the furniture I wanted at IKEA was on sale... I was able to get the storage unit and dresser/"changing table" that I wanted. (It's a regular dresser, but I'm short so I'm going to use the top as a changing table and I'll get a lot more use out of it when the baby is out of diapers).


  1. Looks great sweetie! You should be wearing a mask while painting tho :P Can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. Yeah!! I love the bookshelf! And I love the colors! Are you going to do dots like the picture? And if you are which colors did you decide on? I can't wait to see it!! ;-)