3 Months Already?!

I've noticed that months go by much quicker when they are being used as milestones. It feels like I just finished updating Hayden's two month progress. Since he is going to be 14 weeks in a few days I should probably do his three month update. =)

Weight: 12 lbs 12 oz
Length: 24 in (approximately)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue/Gray, Blue/Brown, Blue/Green. Depends on the day...
Milestones: Tracks objects with his eyes. Grabs for things with purpose. Holds and plays with toys. Uses the same utterance for certain objects. (ie always says "mo-mo" when looking at monkeys. He says "mum" and I pretend we're British and respond like he said "mom", etc.).
Likes: Monkey mobile, peek-a-boo, bath time, teddy bear(s), monkey blanky
Dislikes: Naps and the nose bulb
Nicknames: Haydini, Stinky, Monkey/Scimmia (monkey in Italian)

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