Bed Rest

Well, it's been a while since I've had time to post anything on the blog so I'm doing several posts all at once. I've got more time on my hands now that I've been put on bed rest after my last doctor's appointment. Everything has been going fine so far and I've only got 3 weeks left until my offical due date. This last visit, however, had my doctor a little worried. I've been retaining water in my feet/legs for weeks, but at this last visit my hands were starting to swell too. Add to that the seven pounds I had gained since the visit the week before and my elevated blood pressure and you get put on bed rest. My doctor said it was just a precaution because I'm starting to show symptoms of something that could be bad (I'm assuming he was referring to preeclampsia.) After the appointment I was talking to the nurse and she said if my blood pressure wasn't better by my next appointment (Dec. 23) I would probably have to go to the hospital to be induced. After a mini melt down I was able to clam down and relax. I've been doing my best to lower my blood pressue with a low sodium diet and just relaxing and trying to treat the bed rest as a vacation. I'm not sure if my blood pressure is lower, but so far I've lost 10 lbs. of water weight and my cankles are almost completely gone. I've even made peace with the fact that we might wind up with a Christmas baby. Fingers crossed everything will go good at my next appointment and I'll get to wait until the baby wants to come on its own. Since there isn't much time left either way I'll do my best to keep the posts up to date. We plan on bringing the computer to the hospital with us so I should be able to post pictures up pretty soon after the baby is born.

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  1. we're praying for that sweet baby (something)!! he/she will come when they are ready(and when God has them ready to come out!). let me know if you need anything! i to had the high blood pressure = induction route!