This Halloween Mark and I decided to stay home and hand out candy. We weren't going to dress up at all, but the morning of Halloween I couldn't take it... I had to do something! In 27 years I've never missed dressing up for Halloween. At first I was going to paint my belly because I thought it would be fun and easy and I might not get the opportunity to be this pregnant at Halloween time again. As we were on our way to get paint we stopped at Petsmart. The more I thought about painting my belly the more I thought about the fact that it was going to be 40 degrees that night and how Mark is not artistically inclined so I would have to paint my belly by myself. While we were wandering around Petsmart I noticed that the dog costumes were on sale. I found this cute pumpkin costume and figured I could make it work (The best part was it was only $3.75 so I didn't feel guilty if it didn't work out). I think that it turned out ok =)

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